I’m baaaaaaaack!

brace yourselves

It was a day not unlike this one. I was sitting at my desk in my study, looking over the posts on my then current blog, Locusts and Wild Honey, and thinking the concept of that site had become rather stale and it was time to get a fresh start. As I navigated over to WordPress to set up a new site, suddenly the heavens opened and sound of the rain hitting the roof of the parish house was almost deafening. Lightning and loud thunder followed close behind, giving me what I thought was the perfect title for the new venture, straight out of Revelation 4:5Flashes of Lightning, Peals of Thunder.

The initial thrill of starting afresh produced a considerable haul of posts over the first few weeks, but it all came while I was not only in the middle of readjusting, after an often frustrating nine year hiatus, to full time parish ministry, but also immersed in doctoral studies at the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies. The intense pressure of having to produce academic research papers, moreso than any daily demands of parish life, quickly sapped my energy for more leisurely writing. This blog, like its predecessor, fell into virtual disuse except for the occasional press release or the migration of previously published material just to maintain some kind of a profile.

Having recently completed my doctoral thesis, however, I now find myself revisiting this cob-web infested site with a desire to repopulate it with fresh material. In other words, that previously sapped energy for more leisurely writing has returned and I am eager to clear out the dust and mold and get started with the renovation.

To put it succinctly, I’m baaaaaaaack!

You have been warned!


One thought on “I’m baaaaaaaack!

  1. undergroundpewster May 2, 2017 / 1:24 am

    Welcome baaack!

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