Progressive, affirming, and welcoming . . . or just incompetent?


I am more and more convinced that “theologically liberal,” or “theologically progressive,” as seems to be the preferred designation of late, is synonymous with “theologically incompetent.” I have rarely encountered anyone who professes to be either “liberal” or “progressive” who is not utterly incapable of arguing substantive theological issues. On their favorite topic, homosexuality, such persons offer nothing in the way of a substantive response to arguments against same sex behavior based on the biblical doctrines of creation, the Fall, and sin. Instead, they resort to the tried and true tactic of hurling such invectives as “bigot” and “homophobe” at anyone who disagrees with their “progressive,” “affirming,” and “welcoming” views.

Typical of the sexual revisionist movement and its ecclesiastical enablers is a stubborn refusal to accept the fact that same sex behavior is sinful in any and every circumstance. Thus, neither the practitioners nor the enablers can read the Genesis account of the Fall as a narrative of their own experience. Adam and Eve, in eating from the forbidden tree, committed an act of rebellion against God. As a result, their nakedness, that is their sinful nature, was exposed and they fled in fear from the presence of God. When confronted with their rebelliousness and called to give an account, they quickly passed off responsibility to someone else, ultimately blaming God himself for their predicament.

This is a simple, yet profound, illustration of how sin has come between human beings and God. Yet, the apologists for sexual revisionism fail to see the parallel between the foolish actions of Adam and Eve and their own contemporary re-enactment of the same old story. The biblical narrative would be a tragedy were it not for the intervention of God himself through Jesus Christ and his death on the cross. That supreme expression of God’s grace makes possible the healing and transformation of every lost sinner, turning the tragedy into triumph, through repentance and faith. Unfortunately for many who are enslaved by the sin of homosexual activity, their story continues to run a tragic course because they have fallen prey to the false promises of those who proudly profess to be “progressive,” “affirming,” and “welcoming,” but are, in reality, just plain incompetent, unable to understand the simplest of theological truths, namely, that sin has a devastating effect on every human being and the road to forgiveness and healing begins when one recognizes that ugly fact in one’s own life.


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